Who’s responsible?

Someone has to be



It has been challenging to craft a story for this week. I tried. I could not get myself back to business-as-usual. Gino, whose story is coming up, did not feel up for it either.

After the life-changing explosion of Aug 4, my last post was one of defiance, hope, and love. This morning, I believe it even more.

Today, we mourn and honor the victims. We help the wounded and the displaced. And we reflect on how to rebuild our future.

No rebuilding is possible before we acknowledge our mistakes. The people have identified precisely that. They have been the most mature, forward-thinking, and the force of change.

I wait for that one public servant to come forward and take some responsibility for what happened, for what has been happening for years, for something. One person. Anyone from the ruling team of this taken-for-granted republic. Anyone who would admit having had something to do with its failure… Anyone?

To all men and women in high castles — in positions of influence and power. Step forward and make history. Step down and claim responsibility. Apologize. Pack your bags, go home, and reflect.

Maybe. Just maybe, this one last act may redeem your legacy. If not for you, do it for those born after you, who carry your name.

Picture taken by youth groups while cleaning at the St. George Hospital
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